Breaking Down Our Work Process

In the previous post, we only briefly described our work process; this time, we are going into more details.

Let’s say a person reaches out to us with the very common dilemma of staying or leaving their job. In order to perform our analysis and come up with a decision for the person, we need to know some details about them and their situation. We begin by asking 5-7 questions and, if required, a couple of more follow-ups.

In this example, the questions would be along the lines of the following (in no particular order):

1. What is your age?

2. What is your job?

3. What is the reason, you want to quit your job?

4. What is your financial situation?

5. Are there activities you are involved in on a regular basis (other than your job)?

6. What is your relationship status?

7. Which is more important to you: career or personal life?

Answering this type of questions gives us a sufficient amount of information to base our analysis on. The next step is doing the analysis and telling the person the outcome of it.

Our analysis is a very complex one. At its foundation is the formula:


The potential benefit should always be bigger than the potential risk.
How long does it take? It all depends on the type of decision and the situation. Sometimes 15 minutes is enough, and sometimes it takes many hours. We tell our customers how long we expect it to be.

The entire process is as simple as asking a friend, family member or colleague for advice, but incomparably more effective, as we analyze one’s situation very deeply to find the best possible decision.

The ProDecide Team